About Digital Raconteurs

Digital Raconteurs is dedicated to discussing video games that employ powerful or innovative storytelling methods, and to examine why they work (or don’t work).

Digital Raconteurs represents a core group of adult gamers who play for story above all else.  We’re attracted to games primarily because of their storytelling capabilities, rather than gameplay mechanics or visual appeal.  While these things are important to how the game progresses, for us they’re simply means to conveying the plot.  This type of gamer is not swayed by advanced 3D rendering technologies or how many options there are, but how the game affects the player on an intellectual and emotional level.  We understand that video games can be an incredibly powerful tool for interactive and non-linear storytelling, and when used correctly, can elicit emotional responses on par, or sometimes greater than, movies, novels, or music.

Here at Digital Raconteurs, we look at how video games leverage both classic storytelling techniques borrowed from other media as well as it’s own unique strengths to convey ideas, stories, and emotions.  We also talk about what works and what doesn’t given the limitations and quirks of video games, and how these can be overcome, or even incorporated into the artistic vision of the creators.  Aspiring game designers, fans of the medium, and anyone who is interested in the art of storytelling will find something here, and hopefully have something to contribute as well.

This is not a review site, nor is it an industry news blog.  Our ultimate goal at Digital Raconteurs is to talk about how the stories are told, why they affect us so strongly, to share games that spoke to us with others, and to discuss how we would like to see games made in the future.


4 thoughts on “About Digital Raconteurs

  1. Wow, I’m very glad to have found a site dedicated to the importance of story and immersion in videogames. Most are fun and full of action, but I’m a great fan of emotions that atmospheres or characters convey. I surely hope this new site will not become another “classic adventure games were so great back then…” Cheers!

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